Attributes are things that give your character certain Abilitys thst can work out to be good or bad, they also tie in with with some game mechanics and in game roleplay. You cannot sell or gain attributes, you can only use them.

Natural Telepath:
Unique to Meta-Humans, Specters, And Ghosts. This attribute alows the character to communicate with others with the same attribute. You also can chose to withhold any information from other telepaths.

Metaphysical Capabilities:
Unique to Meta-Humans, Specters , And Ghosts. There are two possible variations, Mental, and Physical. This will be discussed in Metaphysics.

Slight Metaphysics Capabilities:
Unique to Gene-Thieves, and Technomancers. This gives them access to the channel powers of Metaphysics. This will be discussed in Metaphysics

Computer Telepath:
Unique to Technomancers. Able to telepathically communicate with computers and other devices that have a wireless connection.

Unique to Post-Humans, Ghosts, and Technomancers. Able to link up with Devices that have a USB port. If there is no USB port, they cannot connect unless they have an adapter.

Post-Human Implants:
Unique to Post-Humans, and Technomancers. This attribute comes in two forms, Strength, and dexterity. Both use energy when in use, these will be discussed in Post-Human Implants

Minor Post-Human Implants:
Unique to Ghosts. This attribute is just a weaker form of Post-Human Implants.


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