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Humans: Homo-Sapient
Humans are the origin species to all other humanoid species. Lacking strength and mental acuity, along with numerous other weaknesses, has made this species almost extinct. However because of their genetic purity they are fairly adaptable to their climate, causing most humans to reside in frontier villages or wastelands. Another advantage of Humans pure genes is that there are pre war valts of equipment and data spread throughout the world. These valts were created by the “Humanity preservation society”(H.P.S). These valts can only be opened by Humans and are somehow impenetrable.

Ghouls: Homo-Dominus
Dating back to 5000 B.C.E, Ghouls are the oldest branch-off species. Strength and speed varies among Ghouls, but the weakest of Ghouls could take on most Post-humans in hand to hand combat. All Ghouls have a natural regenerative ability, but the strength of the ability also varies among Ghouls. Ghouls also have an extra limb dubbed a “Red Tumor”, that can be retracted into the small of their backs, there apears to be no sac or external storage limb to hold this limb. The strength and appearance of the limb also varies among Ghouls, also some Ghouls are known to fly and/or shoot projectiles with this added limb. For all their strengths Ghouls also have many weaknesses, for example they must eat humanoid flesh to sustain themselves. When Ghouls are hungry or in danger their eyes change pigmentation, resulting in the cornea to turn black and the iris to glow red. Ghouls are also feared and hated because of their feeding habits, all Ghouls wear some sort of mask when hunting or using their Kagune. The reason behind this is unknown to most people, however it is theorized that they wear masks to hide their identity while hunting.

Meta-humans: Homo-psionus
Dating from 2019, Meta-humans have metaphysical abilities, or more commonly known as psionic abilities. Generally smarter, but weaker than other species, Meta-humans use their psionic abilities to aid them in combat, and even in their day to day life. There are two distinct types of Meta-humans, ones with mental abilities, and ones with physical abilities. The ones with mental abilities are able to telepathically communicate with other species, they can also control people, make them temporarily or permanently insane and/or paralyzed. Ones with physical abilities can use telekinesis, forcefield, and mend. Both specialties have access to the channel abilitys like steal/transfer energy, and slow time. Meta-humans are usually skilled manipulators and are good at retaining information. Meta-humans also have a telepathic connection with each other and others who are naturaly telepathic, no matter the specialty.

Post-humans: Homo-superior
Originating from the year 2020, Post-humans are humans born with living metal implants mixed into their cells. Post-humans implants make them stronger and faster then most people, however since they rely on these implants they are not as intelligent as most (unless the subject is technology). Post humans are born with two different types of implant. There is the dexterity implant which makes them faster and much more coordinated. Then there is the strength implant which makes them faster and stronger. However they can only be born with one type of implant. They can also interface with computers via connection port located inside wrist.

Gene-thives: classification awaiting
Gene-thives are one of the two possibilities when a Ghoul and Meta-human mate. While still possessing Ghoul abilities and hunger, they have access to some psionic abilities. However Gene-thives possess slightly less strength than most Ghouls and much less psionic ability than Meta-humans. Gene-thives can only use the channel aspect of psionics. Their namesake comes from a culmination of genes give them the ability to become stronger and smarter from feeding.

Specters: classification awaiting
Specters are the flipside of the coin when Meta-humans mate with Ghouls. Specters are slightly weaker than Gene-thives, but are psionicly more capable, and are able to use all abilities that a Meta-human can. Specters still have the Ghoul hunger, but lose the Ghoul sense of smell and almost always have a smaller “Red Tumors” than Ghouls or Gene-thives. However Specters have a unique ability that Meta-humans do not have, they are able to create a shroud of darkness around them. This shroud is dome shaped and from the naked eye a whirling cloud of darkness that only they can see through. The more they use this ability, the larger the dome becomes.

Ghosts: classification awaiting
Ghosts are one of the two outcomes when a Meta-human and a Post-human mate. Ghosts have about the same psionic capability as a Meta-human, but are weaker than Post-humans. They have better eyesight than most people, which usually leads them to be scouts or long range hunters. Ghosts also have a psionic ability known as Blur, which causes them to vibrate at a super high frequency making them invisible to most cameras, infra red, night vision. Also people can only see them out of the corner of their eye while Blurring. However this ability is suseptible to pressure sensors, laser alarms, noise alarms, high speed cameras, and psionic drowsing.

Technomancer: clarification awaiting
Technomancers is the other possibility when a Meta-human and a Post-human mate. Technomancers have slight psionic ability, and are only able to use the chanel aspect of psionics. They are slightly stronger then Ghosts, and can telepathically communicate with computers causing them to fry, redirect information, ect. However the computer must be connected to the Internet for this to work. Technomancers also know binary code allowing them to see whats going on in a computer easily. They can catch computer viruses and maleware.

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Species Lore

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