Time Line of Dark New World

1997: Rumors of human branch off species known as Homo-Dominus, or more commonly known as Ghouls appear. Governments worldwide have known of this species since the year 1951, and were trying to keep these rumors under control. The world unrest scale increased from 2.9 to 3.1.

2008: Most conspiracy sites have articles on Ghouls, most belive that Ghouls are a government experiment that was somehow set lose. However this theory is wrong because evidence suggest that Ghouls date back to 5000 B.C.E . Governments still deny the existence of Ghouls. The world unrest scale decreased from 4.7 to 4.6 .

2014: Increase of Ghoul activity causes video footage of Ghoul existence to be recorded, governments world wide discredit footage calling it a hoax. The world unrest scale increased from 6.3 to 6.6, but as Ghouls learnt to be stealthy the world unrest scale decreased from 6.6 to 6.2 . 95% of civilians believed that Ghouls are a hoax.

2015: Some Humans known by the public as “Gene Hackers” mass produce implants that have extremely easy surgeries. Viral enhancement was also being looked into at that time. Most governments discourage or outlaw this practice with the notable exceptions of Canada, China, Germany, and Russia. 2% of the population were in the Transitional-human classification.

2017: Some Ghouls stop hiding and show the world that they exist, governments worldwide stop denying the existence of Ghouls. Viral enhancement is fully developed allowing for genetic modification. All countries worldwide set up anti-Ghoul organizations, however the countries that encouraged augmentation fair better than most because they use augmented soldiers. 20% of the population are in the Transitional-human classification. The world unrest scale increased from 6.4 to 8.5 an all time high.

2019: A small group of people known as the “Acendants”, use their natural abilities to change their brain structure radically, and start offering this change to others. This change gave them metaphysical abilities, 0.5% of Humans change to Homo-Psionus. Most countries lift bans on augmentation, however the U.S.A. and E.U. still hold their bans. The Transitional-human population rises to 35%. The war on Ghouls has killed off most of the weaker Ghouls and left stronger, smarter Ghouls.

2020: Living metal is discovered, it has a Human compatible gene sequence allowing Transitional-humans to attain living metal implants at the cellular level, turning them into Post-humans. Now the population is roughly 35% Post-human, 5% Transitional-human, and 10% are Meta-humans.

2021: The 100 year war breaks out. Population at 10 billion.

2121: The 100 year war ends, population of world brought down to 10,000,000. 10% are Humans, 30% are Meta-humans, 40% are Post-humans, 20% are Ghouls.

2138: Two nations form, one is called the “United Free Peoples” which is a large capitalist republic that initially owned Asia, Europe, and Africa. The other nation was called the “Ghoul consortium” was a communist Monarchy that owned South America and Polynesia. North America and Australia are wastelands with small nomadic tribes roaming them.

2169:The two nations go to war and the “United Free Peoples” win. Being a Ghoul is now worthy of execution.

2215, April 3rd: the population reaches 100 billion. Technology has only advanced slightly since the beginning of the 100 year war. The planet thinks peace will be lasting but they dont realize what is about to happen…

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Time Line of Dark New World

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